Southeastern Toy Soldier Show

August 9, 2014 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Exquisitely detailed military miniature figures or the little plastic G.I. Joes from your childhood, they’re all here at the Southeastern Toy Soldier Show.  See, buy, or trade toy soldiers or other military miniatures from various periods of history and enjoy special museum programs presented during the day.

More than 30 exhibitors from across the South will display their collections of toy soldiers, or “military miniatures,” in this annual presentation.  Miniature tanks, planes, cannons and vehicles, as well as books, will also be available for purchase from exhibitors.  See living history reenactments on the museum’s front grounds.  Historical reenactors will recreate military timelines. In addition, military vehicles from the World War II and Vietnam eras will be shown.

More military miniatures will be on display in the South Carolina Military Miniature Society’s annual diorama
For more information about the Southeastern Toy Soldier Show or the military miniature diorama, contact Celeste Wszola at (803) 898-4952.