Art & Architecture Exhibits

The following art and architecture exhibits are available through the Traveling Exhibits Program.  For more information, call 803.737.4159 or email tep@scmuseum.org 

Once Upon A Quilt: African American Fiber Art

Organized and presented by the City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department and curated by Torreah “Cookie” Washington, this unique opportunity offers African American art quilters a showcase that exhibits original and innovative designs.

Once Upon a Quilt is the seventh annual quilt and fiber art exhibition originally presented as a component of the North Charleston Arts Festival. Curated by Torreah “Cookie” Washington, works included in the show were inspired by favorite stories, whether they begin with, “Once upon a time…,” or “In a galaxy far, far away…,” or “In the land that time forgot…” 

Reading is FUNdamental, and through the quilted stories, the hope is to inspire the next generation of young readers and quilters. African American art quilters from across the nation were invited to explore and depict their favorite stories through traditional and non-traditional fiber techniques.

Exhibiting artists include Cathy Alvarez, Pauline Barrett, Carolyn Bracket, Lenora Brown, Arianne King Comer, Catherine Lampkin, Aisha Lumumba, Bridget Murray, Cookie Keeling Patterson, Laquita Tummings and Torreah “Cookie” Washington.


This exhibit is ideal for the small gallery or library. Nine of the panels are less than 36” wide. The largest is 50” wide.   Please note: panels can not be exposed to direct sunlight.

  • 12 hanging panels of fiber art with hanging dowels
  • Approximately 42 liner feet
  • DVD with artists’ bios
  • Press information with digital photos

 Security: High

 Transportation: Car or small van



Palmetto Hands Fine Crafts Exhibition

Fine craft artists and artisans from across South Carolina were invited to participate in the 13th Annual South Carolina Palmetto Hands Fine Craft Competition & Exhibition, which is the state’s only juried fine craft competition and exhibition.  Organized and exhibited annually by the City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department, the show is presented as a component of the North Charleston Arts Festival.

The exhibit includes 25 pieces crafted in clay, wood, metal, glass, fiber and botanicals.

Karen Derksen, Director of Winthrop University Galleries and lecturer for the Department of Fine Arts and the Department of Design at Winthrop University juried the competition. After making her selections, Derksen stated, “One of my goals was to select a show that would express the diversity of the mediums and styles that I was observing.  My purpose when selecting an exhibition is to be intentional about the relationship of one artwork to another and create an overall totality that tells a story.”


  • 25 fine craft pieces made of wood, metal, clay, glass, fiber and botanicals

Security: High

Transportation: Van with seats removed



The Lonely Shadow: Silhouette Art by Clay Rice

Original illustrations from “The Lonely Shadow,” a new children’s book created by nationally-known silhouette artist Clay Rice are now available to travel.  In this exhibit, Clay Rice blends the elegant black and white silhouette tradition with a colorful world in the story of friendship between a lonely shadow and a little boy. 
Rice is as much a folklorist as he is a visual artist, collecting stories from people he meets and preserving their tales. He has listened to stores about root doctors, folk tales and ghost stories. These stories most recently influenced his career through his own story and book, “The Lonely Shadow.” Mr. Rice is available for programs at your venue.
This book is available for sale in the Museum store, the Cotton Mill Exchange or click here to purchase online.
• Twenty-three wood framed original illustrations ranging from 20” x 24” to 20” x 36”
• Press information and digital photographs of Clay Rice
Security: High
Transportation: van with no seats

Fractals: Mathematics and Science As Art

Mathematical "objects" produced by a computer.These 32 panels, 20" x 30" colorful framed images provide a mix of horizontal and vertical presentation formats, with two pieces (seemingly identical) meant to hang about an inch apart--creating one larger "image"

Fractals are many things. These abstract designs depict some of the following:
  • fascinating designs of infinite structure and complexity.
  • geometric shapes that have symmetry of scale.
  • designs that mimic naturally occurring patterns (like clouds, mountains, river systems and deltas, coastlines, leaves, snowflakes, the nervous system, and blood vessels).
  • images which are repetitive in shape but not in size.
  • mathematical "objects" produced by a computer.These colorful framed images provide a mix of horizontal and vertical presentation formats, with two pieces (seemingly identical) meant to hang about an inch apart--creating one larger "image".

    One's imagination and curiosity might be awakened with these attractively produced two dimensional artistic creations.
Specs: 32 framed images 20” x 30”

Security: Moderate
Transportation Requirements: Van with no seats

Robert Mills: Designs for Democracy

The renowned creations of one of the Palmetto State’s most respected native sons are the focus of this special traveling exhibit.  Twenty-four graphic panels which feature copies of some of Mills’ most famous sketches, drawings and elevations are displayed.  The show is a smaller version of one created by the American Architectural Foundation, for which Dr. John M. Bryan, head of the art history department at the University of South Carolina, served as guest curator.

Mills is considered in many circles as this country’s first and foremost architect.  His 19th century designs have not only stood the test of time, but have become among the most familiar symbols of American democracy.

Mills’ architectural works, particularly of churches and courthouses, can be seen in communities throughout the Palmetto State, as he served as the state’s superintendent of public buildings from 1822 to 1824.  The Mills exhibit includes some of these designs but also looks at other buildings, such as Monticello, the Washington Monument and the first building of the Smithsonian Institution.

• 24 wood framed panels, 26” x 38” each
• Running feet: 250 – 300

Security: Moderate
Transportation requirements: Cargo van with no seats

Robert Mills: His Plans and Buildings

Robert Mills: His Plans and Buildings is a collection of 16 framed panels featuring photographs of the Mills’ buildings which were built in South Carolina.  Robert Mills: His Plans and Buildings compliments the larger exhibit, Robert Mills: Designs for Democracy.  Both are stand alone exhibits or can be displayed together for a more thorough look at this architect.
Each panel contains text describing the photograph and points out details unique to Robert Mills’ designs.  This exhibit was organized by the South Carolina State Museum, the Historic Columbia Foundation and the South Carolina Committee for the Humanities.

Specs:  16 wood framed exhibit panels (24” x 28”)

Transportation Requirements: Van with no seats

South Carolina Watermedia Society Annual Exhibition (New each year!)

This juried exhibition was developed by the South Carolina Watermedia Society in 1977, and contains works by some of South Carolina’s most talented artists who are members of the SCWS. This show is accompanied by a DVD containing commentary from the juror, a portfolio of artists’ resumes and colorful exhibit brochures.

• 30 framed paintings
• Sizes vary each year- maximum 48” x 48”

Security: High
Transportation requirements: Cargo Van with no seats